To drive the sustainable and well planned growth of the Bahrain ICT industry by providing at one place, all the critical information about country’s ICT Industry and by Providing a common platform to all the ICT Service Providers, Users and Govt bodies to interact.

The ultimate objective is to:

  • To raise the Country’s ICT industry’s profile and image on International markets.
  • To raise the level of co-operation and collaboration amongst members of the Bahrain’s ICT business community.
  • To work with Government to improve the business context, legal framework and overall prospects for the sector.
  • To collaborate with Bahrain’s Educational institutions to improve over time the quality and quantity of ICT trained graduates.
  • To help improved levels of professional & management skills within ICT companies.
  • To improve all aspects of investment opportunities for ICT enterprises in Bahrain.
  • Help the Industry gain access to more qualified and skilled Labour
  • Approach to more and more ICT opportunities
  • More Career Opportunities for Bahrain Population
  • More Learning Opportunities for Bahrain Population
  • More advanced ICT opportunities in the country